3D Felt One-Of-A-Kind Postcard-sized Art

Post-Card sized one-of-a-kind Felt Art pieces handmade by Samantha Stephenson (Frenchy of Frenchy and the Punk). Each piece has the name of the subject sewn in French.

  • La Fée (The Faerie) *sold*
  • Chauve Souris (Bat). *sold*
  • Chat Noir (Black Cat) *sold*
  • Grenouille (Frog)
  • Papillon (Butterfly)

Each has a piece of foam board inside and the back is also covered in felt. The braided thread adornment sewn around the piece extends to create the cord for hanging. Parts of the image are 3D. These postcards were originally started in 2018 when Samantha participated in a gallery’s call for art for a local fundraising campaign.


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Felt Art Choice

Chat Noir, Chauve Souris, Grenouille, La Fée, Papillon