Batfrogs is the creation of musical duo Scott Helland and Samantha Stephenson.

Scott Helland, who started playing music during the hardcore punk expolsion of the 80s, has also been a visual artist since those early days. His love of the punk aesthetic informed his early drawing style which later developed into the intricate pen and ink drawings he does today.

The Batfrog is a creature that Scott started drawing back in 2005 by combining Samantha’s love of Bats and his love of Frogs to create what has become the symbol of their first music project together, Frenchy and the Punk.

Scott’s pen and ink drawings range from the whimsical batfrogs to intricate scenes of nature, guitars and the human form. His originals are all in black and white. Samantha, from her years of painting, mostly in oils, lends her sense of color to color in Scott batfrog scenes.

In 2015 Helland released his first collection of drawings in his Art Book – FEAST. His art blankets the Frenchy and the Punk merch and is available as prints. Visit the Shop page for purchase links.